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May 2021 978-1-7364371-0-0


SOCIAL JUSTICE JESUS is an in-depth look at the literal message of Jesus' epic Sermon on the Mount.  It demonstrates how Jesus taught from the Old Testament themes of the laws and the prophets to support a message of charity, justice, mercy, and faith.  These tenets, according to Jesus, are needed in one's life if they are going to be members of the kingdom of heaven.  The insights within this book are placed within the context of the audience of his day.  It focuses on what they would have understood Jesus to be saying without the modernized contextual biases of today's Christianity.  Nevertheless, Jesus' 2,000 year-old message is just as valuable to today's society since the social issues faced then are still issues that plague us today.

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Georgeson is no stranger to economic disparity and injustice. He has spent years in Christian service managing relief, agriculture, and water development projects in some of the world’s poorest counties. His work has taken him to East Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Central America. His experience, tenacious theological studies, and teaching style have given him a unique ability to look at the messages of Christ and share insights that few Bible students discover on their own.  Social Justice Jesus is a literary adventure into many of these acquired insights.


“Extremely well written, interesting, engaging and thought provoking.”                        Howard George, M.Div.

“I found it to be not only well-written and a pleasure…but a hugely interesting and insightful read too...a significant—and timely—piece of work.”      Victoria Brock, The Word Tank

“Edward Georgeson brings out the essences of deeper meaning and context not found when reading the English scripture translation itself.”  — Rick Steele, Rick Steele Editorial Services

"This is a fantastic book that I think everyone professing to be a Christian should read to get a renewed understanding of what it truly means to call oneself a follower of Christ. Well done." — A. Kimura

"Well written book that expounds on the true meaning of the Sermon on the Mount. The author presented his case with excellent supporting texts. He has done his research well... I highly recommend this book. If you are ready to be challenged in your thinking of what the Sermon on the Mount is really about, this book will do it!" — T. de Luna

"This book is beautiful...[it] is a masterpiece!" — S. Smith, Pastor